Ragnar’s Second CGC Class

March 7. Ragnar had a productive second Canine Good Citizen class and did a great job with the new lessons introduced by Hope and her assistant, Candice.

The first scenario Ragnar and his classmates were tested with was approaching and greeting a friendly stranger. This, of course, is nothing new to Ragnar, since he interacts with dozens of strangers every day at work! Slightly more difficult for Rags was his next classroom objective…being left to wait with another person holding his leash as me and my Mom, Mitzi leaves the room. He definitely likes to be with his family, so this one was clearly not his favorite. He stayed patiently with Candice though, and let her walk him around the room while Mom and I were in the hallway, out of sight. The last exercise of the night was one in which we approach each other from opposite directions with our dogs walking alongside us. As each person and their dog reached each other, we stopped and shook hands. Before exchanging greetings, we instructed the dogs to stop and sit. Despite Ragnar’s natural inclination to happily greet every passing dog, he did a commendable job during this as he resisted his instincts and waited patiently for the humans to greet each other. All in all, it was a good class for Rags! Before class, he had worked a visitation at the funeral home for two hours and came straight to class, so he was a little tired. During some of the exercises, Ragnar took the liberty of laying down and resting his eyes until it was his turn to perform. “A well-rested therapy dog is a happy and helpful therapy dog!” said Ragnar.