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We are pleased to announce the Oakey’s Hospice Caregivers Award winner for September 2017 is Tracy Overstreet of Heartland Hospice.

We received the following hand-written nomination letter:

I nominate Tracy Overstreet for the Hospice Caregivers Award because Tracy showed integrity and respect to both my momma and me. She was always prompt, available and dependable even throughout ALL hours of the night. She was a phone call away. She was encouraging, professional and empathetic. She knew just what to do and how to do it..what to say (or not to say) and when to say it. She was always available to talk too or to listen to. Always there for a much needed hug. Her smile brightened our day.

She was here not only for my momma, but for me as well. And her loving care did not diminish one bit even when her own daddy had a stroke.

When my momma passed, she was right here with me — to comfort — to hug and even cry with me. Then she respectfully helped me, lovingly and gently, freshen my momma up — helping me change her clothes and do the little things that mean so much, for she knew that many would be coming to say their goodbyes.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Tracy.

The whole hospice team were outstanding: the social worker, Nancy, who took it upon herself to find and deliver a lift chair for momma on her own time; the massage therapist, Penny, who momma really looked forward to, made momma much more comfortable and feel better; the volunteer, Ben, who sat with her so my nephew could mow or do other things; the bath aid, Karen, who made the thing so much easier and taught me as well, so much.

The whole team was really amazing and all deserve the award but Tracy was there at the beginning. The very first day and all throughout the whole time and was there at the end as well.

She was, as I said, there for my momma but was just as much there for me too and for that I am forever grateful. I cannot explain and put into words just how much that meant.

Tracy Overstreet with Heartland Hospice is MORE than deserving of this award!

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