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Congratulations to Oakey’s Hospice Caregivers Award Winner for December 2017, POWMIA

Following is POWMIA’s resume:



POWMIA, AKC/CGC/THD/RE/SD, Commando Warrior  born as Maya Feb. 13, 2012. She is Valley View Shelties from Callaway most successful Shelties. Her blood line goes back to England.                                                             

POWMIA has become the most famous Therapy Dog in the country. She became a Certified Therapy Dog at only 2 years young! A true accomplishment in itself, yet it didn’t stop there. She has given up a lot of her time  visiting our  Veterans. On Christmas Day she visits our heroes at The Virginia Veterans Care Center and The V.A. Medical Center (How many dogs work on Christmas Day?). When she visits she does so on an individual basis as well as the whole group in the Day Room. POWMIA visits our forgotten heroes at their bedside. Her smile brings a few moments of joy to them. She helped along w/ V.V.C.C. intervention reverse thoughts of suicide by a WWII Veteran that did not want to be in a nursing home. She interacts with our Veterans in a way that is truly amazing. She also participates in parades and won a trophy for the 2015 Saint Patricks Day Parade for The Most Patriotic Entry!!! She goes to Veteran’s events such as The 8th Army Airforce fellowship, 29th Inf. Div, Roanoke Military Vehicle Club events, Gun Shows, Warbirds over Salem Event, etc. She visits at Virginia Veteran Care Center, The V.A. Medical Center,  Snyder Nursing Home, Friendship Manor Assisted Living, Friendship Manor Rehab, Hermitage Retirement Community, visits veterans in their homes and on occasion this has turned into a hospice visit. She also has veterans that come to visit her during duty hours at Commando Supply. POWMIA not only participates in parades but brings parades to The V.A. and The Virginia Veterans Care Center annually with 30+ entries and in the past a helicopter! POWMIA does drill & ceremony for the vets. Stand at attention, front & center, formation, fall in, forward march, to the rear march, counter column march, halt, backwards march and of course she does the front leaning rest position (push ups) to show how physically fit she is. She also demonstrated her military abilities at V.M.I.’s Stress Buster event and had Cadets doing push ups with her. None of the cadets could keep up with her.                                                                          

2015 runner up Most Therapuedic Canine SW Virginia.  

2015 Dickens of a Christmas she was voted The Crowd Favorite.       

She takes Agility and Rally classes and has an Excellent Rally Title.

Good with children and the Best all around National Therapy Dog!    

She is the Official Mascot of: Commando Supply, The Roanoke Military Vehicle Club roanokemilitaryvehicle.org  and The 29th Inf. Div. Association.

Her agenda is full:   

10-11, 2016 POWMIA was part of an official military funeral for Command Sergeant Major Frank Dillon. She was admired by family, friends, members of the 29th Inf. Division, staff officers and two generals. POWMIA proudly displayed her uniform for all to see. She is a completely different K-9 when she is in uniform.

11-11,2016 becomes a Registered Service Dog.   

11-19,2016 Team POWMIA re-certified as a Therapy Dog. “The Best Team Ever Evaluated”.      

1-15,2017 scholarship from Witnessing Paws, St. Philip Lutheran Church.       

1-24,2017 Roanoke County Governors School Stress Busters Event.   

8-10,2017 Canadian PTSD K-9 Training Organization read about POWMIA in Toronto. They have requested “Canadian K-9 Therapy Dog Partnership with POWMIA”

9-13,2017 Hospice visit by former V.A. employee.

9-17,2017 Therapy visit and Warriors Prayer for wife of our Mail Man.  


10-4,2017 Hospice visit by Vietnam Veteran.

10-14,2017 Funeral Detail for Kenneth Michale Vietnam War Veteran.

10-29,2017 Hospice visit Wynard Caldwell. 11-8,2017 RIP

11-1,2017 Therapy VISIT for wife of former V.A.M.C. employee.

11-11,2017 Veterans Day Parade, POWMIA leads the way.

Student and member of Star City Canine Training Club, also trained by Field of Dreams and Volunteers with Roanoke  Therapets. Participates in S.P.C.A. events.

She is the official mascot of:

1. National Therapy Dog Mascot, 29th Division Association

2. Post 64, 29th Division Association

3. Commando Supply Inc.

4. The Roanoke Valley Military Vehicle Club

She is also being nominated as Mascot of:

1. The Roanoke Valley Veterans Council

2. 29th Infantry Division National Guard

Pet Partners has $2,000,000 Liability Insurance on her and she is also covered by our home owners insurance.

Good dogs are best. Never let them rest. Until the good is better and the better’s best. POWMIA is The Best.

Steve Roragen                                                  


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