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Congratulations to Oakey’s Hospice Caregivers Award recipient for January 2019, Kathy Furr of Good Samaritan Hospice.

Following is the letter sent to us nominating Kathy for this award:


Just in case Kathy Furr was not selected for Oakey’s Hospice Caregiver Award in January, I appreciate your willingness to resubmit the nomination for a different month. I want to do everything possible to see that she is recognized for the great work she does.

Attached is a slightly revised version of my original submittal. This one is dated March 1, 2019.

Thank you for everything Oakey’s does to recognize these angels.

March 1, 2019

Nomination for Oakey’s Hospice Caregiver Award for Kathy Furr, Good Samaritan Hospice

I am writing to recommend Kathy Furr, RN for her outstanding care of me and my wife, Jenni, during perhaps the most difficult time of our lives.

Jenni is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease at a relatively early age of 67. I acquired the services of Good Samaritan Hospice on approximately October 1, 2018, and was assigned a team of a nurse (Kathy), nurse assistant, and social worker immediately after Good Samaritan examined her. Jenni has been suffering from memory loss for more than 13 years and was treated in the Memory Clinic at the University of Virginia for four years. She is now near the end of her life and it appears to be only weeks away.

I am indebted to Good Samaritan for the quality of their entire staff. I am recommending Kathy for your award because she embodies everything I could have hoped for in a caregiver. She has superior knowledge, extensive experience, is extremely organized and efficient, and above all, an unbelievable caring person. All of this was evident from the very first day she started.

After sizing up Jenni’s condition, Kathy ordered a hospital bed, mattress and mattress cover, and toilet chair which were delivered to our house that afternoon. It has been the same ever since. She has ordered and supplied us with everything we could possibly need including diapers, foam cleaner, creams for diaper rash, shampoo and body wash, piston syringe for rinsing Jenni’s hair after washing when not in the shower, and heel and elbow protectors for skin rash and blisters. In each case, she took the time to thoroughly explain how to use everything.

Kathy visits on a regular basis and is always prompt and thorough. She measures and evaluates all of Jenni’s vital signs and carefully explains to me what they are and what they mean. She always documents everything in her computer on each visit before she leaves. I am amazed that she can recall each time how things have changed since the last visit. Just as importantly, she has guided me in how and what to feed Jenni carefully so that she gets no food in her lungs nor infection in her urinary tract that would lead to great pain and early death. I feel confident in saying that Jenni’s life has already been extended several months by the way Kathy has enabled me to keep her healthy.

Kathy made sure I had Jenni’s family from Maryland visit during January 2019. Jenni’s grown daughters came on one visit and her mother and sister on another. In both cases, Kathy made special trips to our house to sit and explain Jenni’s condition and treatment. That meant a great deal to the family and sent them home with a very confident feeling about Jenni’s care.

The only time Kathy has had to reschedule a visit was when one of her other 10-15 patients had passed away. She insists on being there with the patient and their family at the end. That is so comforting because I know she will be there for me as well.

In a brief period of five months, Jenni and I have grown to love Kathy almost as a member of our family. Jenni’s 67th birthday was on Sunday, December 30. Kathy was off that day but dropped by our house with her young daughter to give Jenni a birthday card and Happy Birthday Cupcake. She told me she didn’t want us to spend Jenni’s birthday alone without some kind of celebration. Unbelievable dedication!!!

I have many friends who have called and expressed concern that I must be in a terrible situation right now. I have told them that Kathy has given me great confidence because of her knowledge and extensive experience that we will get through whatever is ahead. I feel Kathy would run through a brick wall for us. We are truly blessed to have her.

I trust you will find Kathy truly deserving of an Oakey’s Hospice Caregiver Award.


Congratulations Kathy and thank you for all you do for our community.