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We are pleased to announce the Oakey’s Hospice Caregiver’s Award winner for December 2015 is Jenet Robertson of Good Samaritan Hospice.

Jenet was nominated for this award by her peers, friends and hospice families for her dedicated service to hospice patients and their families. 

Following is a comment taken from one of Jenet’s nomination forms:

“I’d talk to her about how hard I believe being a hospice volunteer is. Leaving this world, and the unknown is just that. She said she loves what she does and someone needs to be there for these people and no one should be alone. That was it, I knew then that angels live among us. Ms. Jenet also helps the elderly, sick and shut-ins in our apartment building. She takes them to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store and never asks for one penny, and she never says no.”

“I just want her to know she is appreciated even though I know she wouldn’t want awards or accolades for having a big caring Heart. She’s with Good Samaritan Hospice. I also hope they know she’s an outstanding woman. I’m sure others are as well, but this woman, I feel, should be recognized for all she does with Good Sam and in her community, for her church family, neighbors, strangers, she’s always on the

go, helping someone. I tell her often to slow down but if she did, I know her light would not shine.”

Congratulations Jenet and thank you for all you do for others.

Local Support Groups

There are many organizations across the Roanoke Valley who provide grief counseling and support groups. These organizations offer help to people who have experienced loss through death.


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