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Congratulations to Oakey’s Hospice Caregiver Award recipient for November 2017, Jan Wylie of Good Samaritan Hospice.

Following is the letter sent to us nominating Jan for this award:

I would like to nominate Jan Wylie for Oakey’s Hospice Caregiver of the Month Award.

Ms. Wylie works as a hospice volunteer for Good Samaritan Hospice. She has provided her services to clients and families for several years. She has taken, and continues to take, thorough training to qualify her to assist in many ways.

Ms. Wylie not only offers sympathetic and empathetic care, but she also provides her gift of music for her clients. She plays the flute (actually, several different ones) which provides soothing, comforting music for clients and families. She is a Certified Music & Memory Therapist and is often asked to perform for churches, clients other than her own, and other special occasions. She has been asked to perform at funerals and celebration of life ceremonies. Her listeners always enjoy and appreciate her offerings of lovely music.

Ms. Wylie is also specially trained to offer doula services for those making their transition from this life. As a doula, she is called upon to provide a calming presence and other specialty services whenever death is deemed imminent. Sometimes, her clients are consciously unaware of her presence, yet she spends hours reading to them or playing for them. She has faith that each individual is comforted by her presence.

Ms. Wylie currently volunteers for clients in Roanoke, as well as five clients in Bedford. She is often called upon to travel distances outside of Roanoke in order to serve whenever and wherever needed.

For these reasons, I believe that Jan Wylie is deserving of the recognition that the Hospice Caregiver Award offers. She serves with a deep conviction to helping others in caring, yet professional ways. Many lives have been positively affected by her heartfelt kindness.

Local Support Groups

There are many organizations across the Roanoke Valley who provide grief counseling and support groups. These organizations offer help to people who have experienced loss through death.


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