Special EventsHospice Caregivers AwardArden Howell

We are pleased to announce the Oakey’s Hospice Caregivers Award winner for March 2016 is Arden Howell of Carilion Hospice.

Arden was nominated for this award by his peers, friends and hospice families for his dedicated service to hospice patients and their families. He was selected for the award by independent judges, Nelson Harris and Donna Hopkins Britt.

Following are comments taken from Arden’s nomination form:

“Arden has told me stories of visits to a gentleman in a nursing home that is blind. This gentleman mentioned he liked biscuits and chocolate milk. Arden fixed several pint-sized jugs of chocolate milk and made several biscuits and took them to his patient on his next visit so he would have something in the fridge that he likes to eat. The same patient complained of cold hands and Arden bought the patient some gloves, his were stolen, so he bought replacements and labeled each finger with the patient’s name, hoping no one would steal them.”

“He takes his patients out to sit in the sun on warm days, reads to them, plays the piano for them, makes them cards, talks to the veterans about military experiences, holds their hands, takes them flowers, makes them wooden ink pens in his shop. Arden is a true friend to these patients, and willing to do whatever he can to make their lives a little happier.”

Local Support Groups

There are many organizations across the Roanoke Valley who provide grief counseling and support groups. These organizations offer help to people who have experienced loss through death.


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