ServicesSetting Us Apart

No. 1 | We’re On-site, 24 Hours a Day

No locked doors, employees “on call” or answering machines. Our main chapel has remained staffed, around the clock, for nearly 100 years. Because we realize that death does not wait for business hours, weekdays or after the holidays, our licensed professionals are always on duty to serve you.

No. 2 | Not 1, But 2 Attendants

Everyone deserves the dignity of proper removal from their place of death. We believe this can only be accomplished with 2 attendants. And, unlike some other funeral homes, our professional staff, dressed appropriately in suits, bring the deceased back into our care immediately, instead of waiting until the next morning.

No. 3 | The Dove Release

For every funeral or memorial service we participate in, we offer a complimentary release of a white dove — a symbol of peace and hope as well as a symbol of the soul’s final journey. Seeing the bird in flight can be uplifting during a difficult day and is a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

No. 4 | Respectful Reflections Collage

To every family utilizing our facilities for a funeral, memorial service or visitation, Oakey’s provides a Respectful Reflections Collage, free of charge. Photos of your loved one are assembled into a framed collage to display at the service and keep as a treasured memento.

No. 5 | The Details

It’s all in the details. Your family’s comfort always comes first at Oakey’s. On hot days, our staff brings a cooler of ice-cold bottled water to graveside services. When it’s cold outside, we provide blankets to keep your family members warm and of course we have umbrellas on hand when it rains.

No. 6 | Family Owned

Unlike the conglomerate-owned funeral homes prevailing these days, Oakey’s remains a locally-owned family run business. We employ over 150 local people and have built our chapels to be permanent fixtures in the communities they serve. Oakey’s is staying here and you can be sure your investment stays here too.

No. 7 | Philanthropy

It’s important to Oakey’s to give back to the communities that have placed their trust in us. Our organization and many of our team belong to church, civic and community groups in the valley. We never turn away grieving families who have little or no resources. At Oakey’s it’s a priority to help those in need.

No. 8 | Saying Goodbye

After removing a decedent from their place of death, our attendants leave behind a long-stemmed red rose where your loved one passed away. The rose is our way of commemorating a special life.

No. 9 | A Special Keepsake
Every family we serve receives a laminated commemorative bookmark showing your loved one’s obituary on one side and a poem on the other. These special keepsakes are passed on through multiple generations to celebrate the memory of your loved one.

No. 10 | A Hostess at Every Service

Oakey’s makes sure there is a hostess at every funeral or memorial service, whether it’s at a church or graveside. This ensures your register books and memorial records are available to everyone attending the service, freeing your family from keeping up with specifics.

No. 11 | Cremation Tribute Center

We are pleased to announce the valley’s first dedicated cremation center. Located at our South Chapel, Oakey’s Cremation Tribute Center provides a beautiful and inviting place where your family can gather for ceremonies and services during the cremation. The Cremation Tribute Center elevates the cremation experience and lets you be a part of your loved one’s journey.

Giving Roanoke Valley families, who choose cremation, options for honoring their loved ones is one of the details that sets us apart.

No. 12 | Local Pre-planning

Oakey’s believes in the value of pre-planning funeral arrangements and we take pride in not outsourcing our preplanning department. Our expert advance planning team is dedicated to providing you with the information and tools to pre-arrange funeral plans at no charge.

No. 13 | Aftercare

Our personalized care for the families we serve continues long after the funeral is over. Oakey’s full-time aftercare department provides assistance to each family we serve in the weeks and months following your loss. We will help you with grief support, answer questions regarding settling your loved one’s personal affairs and help with any other practical issues that arise.

No. 14 | Service of Remembrance

Each November, Oakey’s remembers and honors our loved ones with annual Services of Remembrance. All the families Oakey’s has served during the past year are invited. These services include a candle lighting ceremony, music, memorial message, catered meal and a balloon release. You’re family is important to us and we want to extend our care to help you heal after your loss.

No. 15 | On-site Crematories

Because Oakey’s operates our own on-site crematories, your loved one never leaves our care. Families using a third party vendor have no control over the process. The deceased is transported to an off-site location and the cremated remains are picked up later. At our Cremation Tribute Center and our North Chapel crematory, Oakey’s adheres to the strictest guidelines with dignity and respect for the deceased.

No. 16 | Grief Therapy Dog

Meet Ragnar, Oakey’s official grief therapy dog {in training}. Ragnar (Rags) is here to comfort and relieve tension and anxiety for those experiencing grief. Often times, grief therapy dogs are requested to help with children who may have a difficult time expressing their feelings to adults. Ragnar’s services are available to adults, teens and children. Click for more information.

No. 17 | We Are Where You Are

To serve you, right where you live, Oakey’s five chapels and The Cremation Tribute Center are located throughout the Valley. We’re dedicated to you and your family and we’re here to help. Click for information on our locations and our managers at each Chapel.

Life Tribute Professionals

Many families do not have a church home, but still want to have someone preside over the service.


Elevating the Cremation Experience

Oakey’s Cremation Tribute Center