Ragnar’s Second Therapy Class

Ragnar came to class straight from an evening visitation he was requested for and still managed to do a commendable job staying alert and involved. This week we worked quite a bit with the students’ abilities to maintain composure and hold commands amidst distractions. Distractions included loud and unusual noises, people moving around the dogs, items rolling across the floor, food shown to the dogs and other commotion that is often distracting to pets. We practiced the familiar exercise of moving around a set of cones which involved sitting and turning at certain points while walking on a loose leash and Ragnar did a wonderful job. It was evident by the end of class that Rags was worn out and ready for a good night’s sleep. While Hope was answering some questions from the other doggy parents, Ragnar made his way behind our chairs to curl up and close his eyes. We’re proud of our hard-working boy and all the progress he’s made!