Ragnar’s 5th Grief Therapy Class

For the next-to-last class in our therapy training course, we went to Home Depot to do a little real-world interaction. We practiced walking through the store, greeting friendly shoppers, and even dodging the forklifts that seem to be cruising through the building on a continual basis! We made our way out into the garden supplies section to run through a drill Candice set up that involved us walking in a complete circle around a long row of alluring objects without picking them up. The objects were different types of food and toys. Ragnar drooled all the way down the line and back. He managed to resist even the open jar of peanut butter though, so we were very proud of him! Back in the store, we worked on applying some of our classroom exercises in a real-world setting. Ragnar and his classmates practiced walking, sitting, staying, and coming when called. The dogs did a great job showing off their training and good behavior to all the people at Home Depot and received plenty of admiration and love from both shoppers and staff as a reward!