Ragnar’s 5th Class

The fifth class served mainly as a review in preparation for the test that will be conducted in the sixth and final class. The dogs and their handlers went through each part of the test as a sort of dry run so everyone will know which areas their dog might need a little more practice in before week six.

Ragnar handled most of the exercises nicely but was a bit distracted during the drill that requires him to walk on a loose leash around a series of cones. He stopped to sniff a spot on the floor that attracted the snouts of his classmates the whole evening, and he wanted to keep an eye on some of his friends who went outside for a bathroom break but were visible through the windows. Aside from his wandering attention during this one exercise, Ragnar demonstrated a reassuring preparedness for his final examination. His naturally inquisitive spirit sometimes steals his focus, but our buddy has come a long way with his ability to resist distractions.

We think Ragnar’s curiosity is a great asset when he’s at work though, it helps him pay close attention to the people around him. If he spots someone who is exceptionally emotional or behaving out of the ordinary, he will diligently go to visit with them. When he sometimes works off leash, he will often do this even without being prompted. Ragnar is truly a sweet, attentive boy!