Ragnar’s 4th Class

This was the fourth week of Ragnar’s six-week Canine Good Citizen class, and our favorite good boy made us proud once again! He and his classmates spent time reviewing some of the lessons from previous weeks and started some new material too. Raggy-boy had a bath earlier in the day, so he was looking and smelling like a million bucks for class. One of the new skills we practiced was the dog staying in a seated or down position while the handler walked across the room, and then walking to the handler when summoned. Ragnar was able to do this with no problem, even amidst the barks and movement of a few of his classmates. Later the dogs practiced staying in a seated position next to their handler while a friendly stranger approached and greeted the handler/dog unit. Ragnar, despite being just under three years old, is such a sleepy old man at heart. As he waited for Candice to make her way around the room greeting the other dogs and humans, Rags tried multiple times to lay down. Mitzi would bring him back up to a seated position, and a minute later he would start to make his way back down to the floor. I think we can safely say Ragnar has no trouble remaining in one place when told to stay! Ragnar’s ultra-mellow and borderline lazy disposition might be a little sluggish for some of the exercises he does in class, but we think it’s perfect for his line of work. He loves to lay down at people’s feet and let them love on him, and he is so gentle you can trust him around even the tiniest of children!