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I really don’t like to talk about dying, why should I bother with Advance Planning arrangements?

Advance Planning is something you can do for your family that shows you are still looking after them, even you are gone. You have flood insurance but may never have a flood, you have disability insurance but may never need it. Advance Planning Is something nobody wants to think about but it’s a type of insurance that you WILL use. Also, if everything is decided beforehand, when the time comes, your loved ones won’t have to speculate on what you would have wanted. Also, they won’t have to labor over the details at a time that’s very difficult for them. Oakey’s will keep a file for you and all the information will be right at hand so your family won’t have to think about it.

Isn’t it a bit egotistical of me to plan my own funeral?

Absolutely not. Advance Planning shows you care about those you leave behind. Your plan can be as simple as choosing whether you want cremation or traditional burial. Or you can elaborate more and plan a ceremony, what types of merchandise you would prefer, etc. One thing to keep in mind, a ceremony or service after your death is important for those left behind so that they can grieve and begin to heal surrounded by friends and family. It’s not really all about you, the plans you make are all about helping them. But, if you want to go out with a big bang, you can do that too. The arrangements you make can include some of your favorite music, scripture, a ceremony in a location that is meaningful to you and your family — things that hold special memories and will mean a great deal to your loved ones. Advance Planning should be thought of more as a gift you are leaving for your family. Plus, you have time to think about these arrangements. Without Advance Planning, unfortunately, your family will not have that luxury.

Is there a charge for Advance Planning?

We don’t charge for Advance Planning. You can however, pay for your arrangements in advance. This will allow you to have a guarantee for service and merchandise cost regardless of when the plans are needed. Making these decisions ahead of time also eliminates the possibility of your family overspending at the time of death. And, you will have it paid for so they won’t have to worry about that.

How do I make Advance Plans when I don’t really know about funeral traditions and options? Basically, I don’t know what I’m doing.

That’s what we’re here for. All of our Directors have extensive experience and knowledge regarding traditions and customs. We can also give you ideas based on your life story, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and your interests, so that you can make plans that reflect who you are. You can also tell us about your family and loved ones and together we can work up a plan that helps them begin to heal after your gone.

What if I change my mind on any of my decisions?

Your plans are flexible so that if you change your mind and want to make revisions you can do so at anytime.

What if I move away from the area?

Your plan is portable. We will contact the new funeral home you choose and forward all your paperwork to them. If you paid in advance, that will be transferred as well.

What if Oakey’s closes and I’ve already pre-paid?

We have been around for over 150 years and are a well-established business in the Roanoke Valley so we don’t see that happening. However, if that was to happen, your plan is backed by a national industry leader, who for many years, has provided Advance Planning insurance with thousands of policies in force. They consistently earn high marks for financial stability from the top financial ratings companies in the country.

What does Oakey’s do with the money I pre-pay?

Once we receive payment from you, we deposit all of it into a life insurance policy or trust where it cannot be released to us until after the plans you have chosen have been provided for you.

Other funeral homes use contracted Advance Planning services, does Oakey’s?

No, all of our Advance Planning staff are Oakey’s employees and they live in the Roanoke Valley. That means that we are familiar with local customs and understand the Roanoke Valley way of life. Oakey’s does not hire third-party solicitors for our Advance Planning. Also, we are always available for whenever you have a question or need assistance. Oakey’s has been a part of the valley since 1866 and has a solid reputation for providing services with dignity and respect for the deceased and their families. When you call, a local person answers and directs your call to the right place. No mysterious 800 numbers and phone banks to get frustrated with here.

Is my plan kept confidential?

Absolutely. Oakey’s provides all of our services with the highest ethical standards and your information is kept strictly confidential.

How does anyone know that I made an advance plan with Oakey’s?

When you make your plan, you will choose a person to be your “Agent of Disposition” and they will be made aware that you have a plan and will be the contact person at the time of your death.

What if I made an Advance Plan with another funeral home but would now prefer to use Oakey’s or just moved here and would like to switch?

We can assist you in transferring an existing Advance Plan from another funeral home to Oakey’s.

What about Medicaid Eligibility and Advance Planning?

Burial Funds are funds specifically set aside and clearly designated for an individual’s or his spouse’s burial, cremation or other burial-related expenses. It is possible to set aside funds to pay for your or your spouse’s funeral and burial expenses and not have these funds counted when you apply for or receive Medicaid. Medicaid will not count the funeral amount when determining eligibility as long as the contract is made irrevocable.

I am a veteran. Can you help me determine what I am eligible for?

Yes, our team at Oakey’s has the knowledge and extensive experience in the unique needs of veterans, and we make that you will receive all of the benefits and honors you are entitled to.

How do I get started on making my Advance Plan?

We are happy to meet with you in your home or we can meet at any of Oakey’s five locations. Together, we’ll determine your specific needs, discuss your service and funding options and handle the necessary paperwork. Once completed, your information is placed in a confidential file for you until the time of need. You can start by filling out the Advance Planning Form found here. You can request that we contact you to set up and appointment or you can call us anytime.


For further information regarding planning, please contact Lorraine Cunningham or Keith Robinson, toll free at 800-638-0710 or locally at (540) 982-2100. Click here if you’d like for us to contact you or if you have questions.

Life Tribute Professionals

Many families do not have a church home, but still want to have someone preside over the service.


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